The brief.

We were asked to think up a problem and a way to solve the problem with an app. I came up with a lot of ideas and in the end decided on an iPad app for primary school children to allow them to talk with other students from around the world through letters and help learn another language . I needed to design two apps, an admin teacher app and a student app.  

What I did.

A lot of my reserch time was taken up with mostly coming up with other ideas for my app, It’s hard to think of an app that hasn’t been done. After I finally decided on an idea I started researching things such as similar apps and the Apple guidelines so I had a good understanding on what I needed to design. Then I moved through the wire framing stage, both the sketches and digital and finally worked on my designs. Through this project we worked very closely with Gospelware, a local design agency, and they were a huge help as this was the first app project we’ve ever done.  

Finished product.





I’m really pleased with how the app turned out and I loved working on an app project as it’s something I’ve never done before. Check out the app working on Marvel! teacher app and a student app.